Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pitch Perfect--RUN do not walk to the movie theater

We took our whole gang to see Pitch Perfect-a movie about dueling acappella collegiate groups--over its opening weekend.  Here's the official polling:

Gracie, 9--thumbs up
Gia, 5--double thumbs up, plus toes up
Georgia, 13--double thumbs up, plus toes up
Wendy, 51--double thumbs up
Amy, 41--triple thumbs up, plus toes up, plus everything else

Top 10 Reasons Why Georgia & Amy Think You Need to See Pitch Perfect

10.  The Breakfast Club is making a come back.

9.  The screenplay appears to have been written by intelligent, funny human beings who were not consuming large amounts of Red Bull or beer while writing it.

  8.   Lead female character is a tech whiz.  Can anyone recall the last time we saw a female lead with that background?  She makes music magic happen from her laptop.

  7.   It's like the first season of Glee except set in college.  And with Rebel Winston.  Is the plot terribly original?  No.  Do you care?  No. Is the singing good?  No.  It's AWESOME.  Who knew Anna Kendrick, the lead, used to sing on Broadway?  I had only seen her in her great performance with George Clooney in Up In The Air.

  6. Almost all the characters are girls. And they're funny. *gasps*

  5.  Rebel Winston.  It's as if Lucille Ball, Bill Murray, John Belushi, and Gilda Radner had a baby together.

  4. Did we mention Rebel Winston?

  3. There's a sort-of-mean-girl but she's not catty. *more gasps* She's just controlling! Yay!

  2. This movie is for ANYONE who likes ANY kind of comedy--sarcastic comedy, American comedy, Australian comedy, The Hangover-esque comedy (yes, there's a specific category for those people,) etc.

  1.  If you want to spend one hundred and twelve minutes with unique, funny characters saying hilarious things with good music pumping in the background, Pitch Perfect is the aca-antidote to everything else in the movie theaters right now.

Georgia's Reasoning

Okay, for anyone who knows me, they know I'm sorta geeky. For those who don't, you know now. Here's my geeky calculations: IF THIS MOVIE IS NUMBER ONE (OR TWO OR THREE,) AMERICANS WILL HAVE TO REALIZE THAT WOMEN CAN ACTUALLY BE FUNNY!!!! IT'S MIND-BOTTLING! (That's not a spelling error--if you've seen Blades of Glory you'd understand.) Anyways, AMERICA WILL ALSO HAVE TO REALIZE YOU CAN BE CHUBBY, SKINNY, BLONDE, BLACK, LATINA, AND STILL BE FUNNY! THAT IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR FACE LOOKS LIKE--IT'S THE WORDS COMING FROM IT THAT MATTER. I'm pretty sure that's a quote from an eighties movie. Maybe. Probably not.
So support the movement! Go tell everyone you know about Pitch Perfect and send them RUNNING--not walking--TO THEIR NEAREST MOVIE THEATER.