Friday, January 1, 2010

Why the World Needs This Blog

Mom: Amy, in the twilight years of her 30s, parent to 3 daughters, ages 11, 6 & 2.
Daughter: Georgia, in the twilight year of Elementary School.


GEORGIA: I think the world needs this blog because I'm tired of stupid reviews of kid movies. Most movie critics don't understand what kids like. If a kids movie review is good, you can bet most kids will hate it. Cases in point: Where the Wild Things Are--critics loved it. I was creeped out by it. My two younger sisters didn't like it either. The six-year old Gracie said, "It's bad and mean." And then there was The Bee Movie a few years ago. Critics loved it and I hated it because it had no storyline at all & was totally boring.

But once in awhile "the critics" get it right like with "Princess and the Frog" and "Up."

My movie biases: I don't like anything scary or super sad. And I love anything with Anne Hathaway.

My pledge to our devoted readers is this: I pledge to write exactly what I thought of the movie, good or bad.

AMY : When it comes to kids movie reviews, at least the ones our family reads--namely the ones in our local Bay Area papers, the reviewers seem to universally hate all kid movies almost on principal. I can imagine these titans of film criticism theory being forced to review the latest Miley Cyrus flick on a Saturday when they could be watching something important & Oscar-worthy.

Don't get me wrong--I don't like all kid movies. Nor do I like half of them. There is just as much dreck being produced in the kid market as the adult market. So what this blog will do is give you the kid's perspective on kid movies and the mom's perspective on kid movies with a few grown up movie reviews sprinkled in for good measure when I can tear myself away from the family & work & sit alone in a theater w/my popcorn & Coke Zero.

My movie biases. I love character-driven, well-written comedies & dramas, with a special place in my heart for British comedies. I abhor plotless action movies & movies that are homophobic and/or feature gratuitous violence.

My pledge to our devoted readers is this: I pledge to tell you exactly what I think of a movie--good, bad or otherwise.

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