Thursday, April 29, 2010

Percy Jackson

Georgia: well, Iknow it's alittle late to be rating, but so what?! (p.s. I'm doing this in Pennsylvania.)I thought the movie was good (and I just finished the 4th book)
Though being a good movie, it was not really like the book.(As you will soon hear)They were too, too,OLD!!! He is in MIDDLESCHOOL, not HIGHSCHOOL!!!!!!!!!! ALso,Annabeth has BLONDE hair,not BRUNETTE!!! Now,instead of hearing my mom's opinion, you will read Tim's opinion(6th grader from Pennsylvania) Enjoy!

TIM:I found the graphics in the movie to be very good. But don't go to the movie expecting it to be like the book because you will be sadly mistaken. If you have never read the books I highly reccomend going to your local library to get them.If you have only read the first JUST KEEP READING THEY GET MUCH BETTER AND IT ALL LEADS UP TO THE LAST BOOK THE LAST OLYMPIAN.

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