Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Big Miracle

Big Miracle By Georgia
  Yesterday I saw Big Miracle, and it was pretty good! If it wasn't a true story, I'd probably give it 2 stars. Since it is a true story: 4 STARS!! I have to say, I'm not the biggest fan of Drew Barrymore (I mean, what's with the half brown/half blond hair??) but she makes a very good hippie-fighting-for-the-greater-good.
  So the basic storyline is: reporter guy in some tiny town in Alaska is losing interesting news, until he finds out about the whales. The story gets around and his ex-girlfriend, hippie-fighting-for-the-greater-good (AKA Barrymore) wants to help. He also has a kinda creepy crush on this NBC reporter girl who ends up showing up later. Business is booming in this Alaskan small town, but meanwhile the reporter and his ex-girlfriend are trying hard to find someone to help them. When one attempt fails, they call  in the Reds (the Soviets) to save the day. With a sad but realistic twist near the end, this is the perfect animal-lover, hippie, feel better, or family movie. Who knows? Maybe more than one of the circumstances apply to you.

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