Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island


Journey 2: The Mysterious Island by Georgia
  Yep, I saw Journey 2--and not just because Josh Hutcherson was in it! Okay, a little--but mostly because I saw Journey 1 and thought it was really good. The second one was almost as good as the first one, the only flaws being that Vanessa Hudgens' tank top took a little roller coaster ride throughout the movie (by roller coaster ride, I mean that it just got lower and higher on her chest and hips--which were exposed A LOT. Not the whole chest, FYI.) 
  So here's the story--Sean is back and he broke into a satellite facility to get a message about the Mysterious Island from his grandfather. Magically, his step-father was in the navy and can read code. They figure out the coordinates--with several references to three island books--and go to an island near there. On this island, they get a ride from Gabato--a foolish and slightly offensive (not the actual character, but how he was portrayed) Hispanic man and his "beautiful" daughter, Kailani (Hudgens.) Of course, there's a dramatic minute scene where Kailani steps into view and Sean (Hutcherson) gawks dramatically--that was another small flaw and cliché. Anyway, Gabato has a run-down helicopter that they get on and they go off to the island! What happens next? Go see the movie!!

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island by Amy
  Any movie with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has got to be entertaining, right?  Sort of.  The highlight of the film for me was seeing him do the "Pec-Pop of Love," which you can see for free in the movie trailers.  Just FYI.  My 5 year old can do a pretty decent imitation.  Ditto FYI.

Let's be serious about why Georgia wanted to see this movie.  She bugged me, in fact, until I took her.  It wasn't The Rock.  It was Josh Hutcherson.  She admitted as much in her review.  And he is a cutie.  He comes across as intelligent and rebellious and beefcakey all at the same time.  Unlike some actors formerly known as werewolves, who missed the intelligent part. 

My main beef with the film is the ridiculous costuming of the lone female character-whose primary function is to hang around looking annoyed.  Georgia mentions this above so I won't belabor the skimpiness of Vanessa Hudgens's outfit.  But I will mention that the clearly male camera crew, director, and film editors must have felt that Vanessa had a really nice backside because there is a full-on shot of it as she is extracting herself from a cave.  And it's not a glancing shot--they hold the shot long enough for you to really try and appreciate her butt.  Why they felt this was an interesting camera angle for the audience is one of the great unsolved film mysteries destined never to be solved.  We wouldn't want to actually look at her face as she's trying to heave ho out of the cave, right?  

Wait for the DVD on this one, folks.  Trust me.  Unless you have a teenage daughter.  Then let her go by herself and you can see The Artist. 

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