Friday, February 10, 2012

The Friday Book Award

The Friday Book Award (FBA) By Georgia
   Every Friday I will try to present one FBA, though I cannot guarantee I'll do it every Friday. Today the FBA is Top Five Worst Heroines of the 2000's. Enjoy! Note: I've decided to add brief explanations
1. Bella Swan (from Twilight)-Yes, her. First of all, choose between the freakin' werewolf and vampire! Or just kill them both! Jeez. Second of all, she honestly doesn't do anything but kiss Edward and Jacob until the last book. (And that's way in the last book.)
2. Katniss Everdeen (from the Hunger Games)- I know she was on the Top Five Best Heroines, but she's also naïve and suicidal in by Mockingjay. (Not to mention Suzanne Collin's horrific and lazy writing.)
3.Tiger (from the unpopular book, Fish)-Where to start? She's a naïve little ten or eleven or nine year old (is it not sad that I don't even know how old she is) who wants to save this fish as she, her parents, and "The Guide" go on a long journey. Pathetic writing, from start to finish.
4. Jenna Fox (from the Adoration of Jenna Fox)- Okay, so I was confused throughout the whole book. Jenna has amnesia from this accident that no one talks about, so in the first half off the book you know nothing about her. Then she figures it out and cries when she finds out her pretty little legs and blond hair and everything but 10% of her brain are *spoiler alert* fake. She had the perfect life...and then she almost died in a car crash along with her two besties. (Cough, cough, cliché.) Sorry Ms. Pearson, but try third person next time.
5. Honor (from The Other Side of the Island)-I loove the government so, so much! They could never do anything wrong! La la la...She honestly is worshipping the government until the last chapter. Wake up, all ready!! 
Sorry about the longness of this entry. I kinda went on a rant. I feel so bad about being so bitter. Oh well. I recommend this website if you agree with me:
Next week: Top Five Best Heroes!!!


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